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Our Staff

School Leadership Team


Mrs H Griffiths


Deputy Headteacher KS1

Mrs C Winchcombe  (SENCo)


Deputy Headteacher KS2

Mrs Susan Thomas


Key Stage 2 Leader

Mrs  E Hicks


Key Stage 1 Leader

Miss E Weston


Foundation Stage Leaders

Mrs S Ramsdale

Mrs E  Wootton


Safeguarding Team

Mrs H Griffiths, Mrs J Herd, Mrs C Winchcombe, Mrs S Thomas


Year Groups

Class Teachers

Nursery Nurses, Teaching Assistants and Learning Support Assistants


Mrs E Wootton, Mrs S Hudson

Mrs S Campbell, Miss E Wear, Mrs E Portsmouth, Ms L Hawkins, Ms E Stephenson


 Mrs S Dempsey, Mrs S Ramsdale, Mrs C Jenkins

Mrs M Holland,  Ms V Styles, Miss S Clark, Mr C Harris

Year 1

Mrs M Mulenje, Mrs C Soane,
Miss C Wilkins

Miss M Field,  Miss L Drummond,  Ms V Southam, Mrs C Brooks, Miss H Osborne

Year 2

 Miss E Weston, Miss E Bowen, Mrs L Da Silva

Mrs C Wilkins,   Mrs A Gowers,   Mrs C Mayhead, Mrs J Harding, , Mrs J Roake,
Mrs M O'Connor, Mrs T Osborne

Year 3

Mrs L Harris and Mrs M Mare, Mrs J Overman and Mrs E Miller,
Mr M Cooper,

 Mrs E Bosch, Mrs P Anderson, Miss K Purdy

Year 4

 Mr I Bourtsouklis, Mr J Budden, Ms L Glasby

 Miss J Robbins, Mrs D Birch, Mrs C Henden,
Mrs B Beckett, Mrs J Morley-Koukoulas,

Year 5

Mrs J Herd, Mrs C Hooton
and Mrs S Watson

 Mrs S  Sankey, Mrs C Henden, Mrs R Jasper, Mrs D Graham, Mrs K Rai,

Year 6

Mrs E Hicks, Mrs A Holmwood and Mrs S Thomas

Mrs B Beckett,  Mrs K Green, Mrs S Ewart, Mrs R Dungey, Mrs E Fuller

PPA Cover Staff

 Mrs G Greenaway, Mrs A Yates,

SCL Sports staff


SEN Specialist Staff and Nurture provision Leaders



Mrs T Kirkwood, Mrs C Clark

School Support Staff

School Secretary

Mrs K Bryan


School Bursar

Mrs S Evans



Mrs H Saunders


Administration Assistant

Mrs J Field


Family Support Adviser

Mrs S Ruck


School Site Manager

Mr I Blagrave


Assistant Caretaker

Mrs Clare Lawton


ICT Support

Miss S Lane


Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs D Perks