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Crown Wood
Primary School

Curriculum Overview

At Crown Wood, we are committed to ensuring children not only have a solid grounding in English, Mathematics and other subjects, but also the skills, values and attitudes they need to be successful in their next stage of education and beyond. These include being able to work collaboratively; resilience; determination; a ‘have a go’ attitude; curiosity and a ‘growth mind-set’ – that is, the belief it is hard work and effort that leads to success not innate talent or ability. Our curriculum gives children the opportunity to acquire knowledge and to develop and apply skills across a wide range of subjects, while the way we teach and the children learn, develops their values and attitudes.

The values underpinning everything we do in school are:


Everyone Together (Collaboration & Inclusion)
Aspiration & Achievement
Mutual Responsibility

We also promote 'British Values', which are defined by the government as democracythe rule of lawindividual libertymutual respect and tolerance  of different faiths and beliefs.  

The curriculum at Crown Wood Primary School strives to promote the highest achievement by all pupils through a purposeful context and a 'hands on' approach that allows the children to find out about the world beyond their locality and personal experience.  The aims of our school curriculum are:

  • Ensure children achieve the early learning goals (ELGs), are at a 'Good Level of Development' and ready for the National Curriculum by the end of EYFS.
  • Develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding in English, Mathematics and the other subjects in the National Curriculum so they are ready for the next stage in their education.
  • Develop a ‘growth mindset’ and support children to become self-regulated learners.
  • Develop ‘international mindedness’; a respect for their own and other communities and cultures.
  • Enable children to become confident; resilient; creative; resourceful and enquiring learners.
  • Equip children to work both independently and collaboratively.
  • Fosters children’s self-esteem and help them build positive relationships with others.
  • Encourage children to respect the ideas, attitudes, values and feelings of others.
  • Teach children to have an awareness of their own spiritual development, and to understand right from wrong.
  • Promote equality and diversity.
  • Help children grow into reliable, independent positive citizens who have a positive impact on their community.

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You can read our Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Statement here.