Reading & Phonics

Reading in school should be an enjoyable experience which allows children to develop both their imagination and their vocabulary.

Independent readers should be encouraged to read for a sustained length of time allowing them to become ‘lost in a book’. Children must also read in order to access the curriculum both in Key Stages 1 and 2. Reading is vital for future learning and the cornerstone of education.   

At Crown Wood, we teach children to read using a variety of strategies.  In Early Years and Key Stage 1, phonics is taught daily alongside other whole class, group and individual reading activities.  In Key Stage 2, the majority of teaching of reading is through group and whole class activities.

There are no 'free readers' at Crown Wood - every child is working on a reading target to develop their decoding, comprehension and vocabulary skills.  We also work with the children to develop reading stamina and speed.

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