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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the school times?

Doors open at  8:40am and the register is taken at 8.50 a.m.

School finishes at 3:15pm.  Lunchtime is from 11.45 - 12.45 for Infants and 12,15 - 1.15 for Juniors.

A member of staff is in each classroom from 8:40am.  Due to the large number of adults and pre-school children on the playground in the mornings, we ask that the children do not ride scooters or bikes on the school premises.

 We  have a Breakfast Club in school, run by SCL.  Please ask at the office for further details. Our after-school club, run by KOOSA Kids,  is available on site. Please ask at the office if you would like further details or look at their website:

What do I do if my child will be absent from School ?

We expect children to be in school unless they are ill. Absence during term time has to be authorised by the Headteacher and, when the reason is other than illness, this is only done in exceptional circumstances when the absence is unavoidable.

Absence procedures are detailed below:





Telephone school by 9:30am on:  01344 485448 and select option 1

Send a note on return or sign the slip in the office.

By Headteacher on receipt of signed note explaining appropriate medical reason.

Medical/dental appointment

Try to arrange out of school hours.  If unavoidable, ask for medical form in office.

By Headteacher

Term time absence

Fill in a 'request for leave of absence' form, avalable from the school office. This must be done in advance.

This will not normally be authorised. Please note that reduced cost does not constitute an exceptional circumstance. If leave is taken without permission, you may be subject to a fine.

Please note that if your child has diarrhoea and/or vomiting, they should not be in school until 48 hours after the last bout.

What if my child is late?

The register is taken in class from 8.50 a.m.  Your child will be marked as late if they arrive after registration.  The school registers close at 9:30am and arrival after this time is recorded as an absence.

Will the school give medicine?

If your child needs to have medicine during the school day, please bring it to the office in the original bottle and fill in a medicines form. Asthma inhalers are kept in class, but again will need to be brought to the office initially and a medicines form completed.

What happens if my child is ill or injured at school?

Should your child become ill during the day and need to come home, we will telephone you.  If your child is injured, first aid will be administered.  We will contact you if your child has a cut or bump to the head and send a note home so that you know to keep an eye on them in the evening.  You are always welcome to come up to school to check an injury for yourself.  In the event of a serious injury, we will try to contact you and call an ambulance if necessary.  A member of staff will always look after your child if they are ill.

What happens if my child has medical needs?

We do all that is practicable to accommodate medical needs.  We have staff trained to administer emergency medication and will work with you to ensure that your child is cared for at school.  We rely on parents to give us up-to-date information on allergies and medication.

How do I contact my child's teacher?

There are formal parents' evenings during the year to discuss your child's progress and you will be sent an end of year report.  However, if you have any worries or concerns, please speak to the class teacher after school in order to resolve issues before they become serious.  We would appreciate it if you would try to avoid speaking to the teacher after the school bell has been rung in the mornings, as they are responsible for the class.

If you wish to see a teacher after 3:30pm, please make an appointment.  Most things can be dealt with by the class teacher, but if you are still concerned about an issue, please feel free to see the Headteacher at any time. She can be contacted through the school office, or you can find her on the playground in the mornings.  She is happy to speak to parents about any worries.

My child needs support, what do I do?

Many children and families need extra support at some time, either with a school issue or with problems out of school.  Please do not hesitate to come and talk to us if you are worried.  We are able to access help from external agencies, such as behaviour management or family counselling, as well as our own support groups.  You can speak to your child’s teacher, the Headteacher, or our Family Support Adviser, who is available to talk to parents and children from Mondays to Thursdays.  All concerns are treated with strict confidentiality.

What food is allowed in school?

Fruit is provided for Infant children and Juniors may bring in fruit from home for break time.    We encourage the children to drink water throughout the day, so please provide a named water bottle.

Our school meals are cooked in our school kitchen. These are free for children up to the end of Year 2. Crown Wood runs a cashless payment system and parents should register with where money can be paid online. Water is available.  School dinner menus and current prices are available from the office and on our website.  Each day there is a choice of two hot meals, one of which is vegetarian.  The children can also choose to have a Jacket Potato.  Salad is available every day as a side dish.  If you are receiving benefits, you may be eligible for free school meals.  Please contact the school office for details.

Alternatively, children can bring a packed lunch from home.  We do encourage the children to eat healthily, so chocolate bars and sweets are not permitted.

Does the school run clubs?

We run activity clubs throughout the year such as football, netball, choir, cookery,  recorders, rugby, crafts etc.  These clubs are run by our school staff on a voluntary basis and are subject to change each term.  The school also hosts clubs run by external providers, such as Judo, Football and Dance.  Details of these clubs are given out regularly.   If your child has signed up for a club and for some reason they must miss a session, please contact the school or send a note to let us know, to prevent valuable time  being wasted looking for missing children. 

What is the school uniform ?



Charcoal grey long trousers

Grey school trousers

Grey socks

Knee length grey skirt or pinafore

White shirt or polo shirt

White shirt/blouse or white polo shirt

Blue sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo

Blue sweatshirt or cardigan with


school logo



Dark school shoes, not trainers.

Dark school shoes, not trainers or heels.

Optional Summer Uniform choices: may be worn from the start of the Summer term until the end of September:



 Charcoal grey shorts

 White open-necked shirt or polo shirt

Blue checked dress or skirt

White socks

PE Kit

 All children

Blue shorts


 White T-shirt  or house colour t -  shirt




 Navy tracksuit

Children should have their full PE kit, including tracksuits and trainers, in school for the whole week.  PE kit needs to be labelled with the child's name and brought to school in a drawstring bag.

Where will I find lost property?

The lost property box is in the main corridor, just ask in the schoool office.

If your question was not answered here, please ask your child's class teacher or call into the school office.