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Year 4


Welcome to Year 4 !

Nurturing, Learning, Achieving Success


The class teachers in year 4 are: Mr Bourtsouklis, Miss Parker, Mrs Overman and Mrs Hooton.
They are closely supported by:
Miss Robbins, Mrs Jasper, Mrs Birch, Mrs Henden.
Class teachers are available should you  have any questions or concerns.
Please speak to them at the end of the school day or contact the office to make an appointment.
PE lessons taught by class teachers and SCL are as follows:
Y4HO : WEEK 1—Tues PM and Wed AM
               WEEK 2– Tues PM and Thurs PM
Y4YB : WEEK 1— Tues PM and Weds AM
                WEEK 2– Tues PM and Weds PM
Y4FP : WEEK 1— Weds AM and Fri PM
               WEEK 2  : Thurs PM and Fri PM
 Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school.


Spring Term, Topic - Early Settlements

This term, as part of our topic we will be exploring Early Settlements. 

In particular, we will be looking at why people decided to settle in certain areas and create their own settlements.

The richness of this topic lends itself well to writing opportunities in English, where we aim to experiment with different genres throughout the Spring Term.

Art—British Art

We will be looking at different artists from around Britain, learning about their life and getting inspiration to create our own art work.

Science—Light & States of matter

With our scientific hat on, we will be exploring matter and its different states. We will experiment with different sources of light and its properties.



PE Kit

Your child will need the following kit for PE lessons :

· plain dark shorts,  preferably blue or black                      

· plain white or house t-shirt                                         

· trainers /plimsolls

In addition to the basic PE kit, your child may wear a plain dark tracksuit for outdoor PE in colder conditions.

Please note that this is in addition to the basic kit and not a replacement!

Children need to have PE kit in school ALL week. Please make sure that all PE kits are fully labelled.