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Crown Wood
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Our children are given every opportunity to develop their reading, writing and speaking and listening skills.   We are committed to ensuring they:

  • have the necessary tools to access the curriculum;
  • are able to transfer knowledge, ideas and skills between subject areas;
  • recognise the importance of and enjoy reading for pleasure;
  • recognise the value of writing and communicating effectively;
  • are able to continue their literacy development throughout their school career.

These fundamental skills are delivered through the English programme of study:

  • Working with Voice21 to develop oracy skills across the curriculum
  • 1:1 guided reading in EYFS and Year 1 and for those requiring extra instruction later on
  • Whole class guided reading sessions from Year 2-6, including specific instruction using high quality, relevant and challenging texts across a range of genres
  • Bug Club:  A reading scheme and online reading resource all pupils can access from home
  • Read, Write, Inc:  A synthetic phonics program
  • A Trust designed '10 Day Writing Journey' which covers a range of genres and ensures that pupils have multiple opportunities to revisit and develop key skills
  • Cross curricular writing opportunities so that all writing skills are applied across the curriculum

For further information about our English curriculum, use the links below.

Reading Writing Oracy
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