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Vision and Approach

We know how vital working in partnership with parents is, if children are to find school a positive and rewarding experience. 

During each year, there will be formal opportunities to discuss your child’s progress, attainment and targets, and to view their work. We are pleased to discuss any issues or concerns about your child’s progress at any time during the year and we appreciate your support if difficulties are identified. Please do not hesitate to arrange an appointment with the class teacher, or a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), if necessary. We always have an open door for parents who wish to discuss their concerns or to celebrate their child’s achievements. 

This section of our website details how we can work together to make your child's time at school a success.

School Offer

See Crown Wood's Charter of Cultural Rights


See Transition to Nursery
See Transition to Reception

Our current Parent Information Pack can be found on our Admissions page here.


See Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) Policy 
See Local Offer (Crown Wood)

School Attendance & Leave of Absence

See Attendance Policy
f your child is experiencing difficulties attending school, support is available from our experienced Pastoral Support Advisor (PSA).


See Learning & Curriculum
See Curriculum Workshops for Parents


We want children to behave well, make good choices and demonstrate our values because it’s ‘the right thing to do’, not because they receive a reward or prize. We believe that this approach is consistent with developing the values and attitudes the children need to be both effective learners and good citizens. The children’s involvement in setting their own boundaries is essential and it is expected that children take responsibility for their actions and to understand – or develop an understanding of - the consequences of what they do.

Good behaviour is recognised through praise and other techniques (e.g. ‘Achievement Awards’, a postcard home, responsibility, sharing work etc). Unacceptable behaviour is initially dealt with by the teacher using reminders of expectations and replacement behaviours (giving children opportunity to make a good choice). If the behaviour continues, the teacher may use a formal warning followed by sanctions such as working on their own, loss of playtimes or privileges. Persistent or frequent poor behaviour will mean the involvement of the Phase Leader, a Deputy Headteacher or Headteacher. Parents are usually involved at this point so that both school and home can work together to address the situation.

You can read our Behaviour Policy here.

Parent / Visitor Expectations

See Parent / Visitor Expectations


Our primary means of communicating with you is through our e-mail service.  We use e-mail to tell you about significant events, late changes in arrangements and to distribute newsletters.  In addition, it is the main way we would inform you about an emergency school closure (e.g. bad weather).

You will be registered automatically for our e-mail service as long as we have your e-mail address. Please make sure we have this as soon as possible. 

The website is regularly updated with news and events and has a wealth of information about the school and curriculum. There are also copies of key policies and documents on the site. We use Twitter - @CrownWoodPS - to inform parents about how the children are doing on trips and also about events in the school.