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In order to maintain consistency between EYFS, KS1 and KS2, children will be taught using the Read Write Inc (RWI) Phonics Handwriting approach and strategies. 

RWI - The three stages of handwriting that children learn are:

  • the basic letter shape
  • relative size of letters and the orientation
  • the way the letters join together

At the end of KS2 children are to write with a casual cursive style. This therefore means that NOT all letters need to be joined. See pages 8-9 of the guidelines

Handwriting position

We will teach children a perfect handwriting position:

  • feet flat on the floor
  • bottom at the back of the chair
  • body one fist from the table
  • shoulders down and relaxed
  • back leaning forward slightly
  • left/right hand holding the page
  • left/right hand ready in a tripod grip

Pen Licence

Children will move on to use a pen for writing only when they regularly and consistently demonstrate the following:

  • Write legibly, fluently and with increasing speed
  • Choose which shape of a letter to use when given choices and deciding whether or not to join specific letters
  • Choose the writing implement that is best suited for a task (e.g. a pencil for drawing diagrams or for mathematics calculations etc)
  • Use a tripod grip
  • Sit in the ‘handwriting position’ to write

Our aim is every child has a pen Licence by the end of the Autumn Term in Year 5.  However, children can gain a pen Licence before Year 5 and some children will take longer to gain one.

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