At Crown Wood, the children and staff are divided into four houses - Oak, Ash, Elm and Beech.  House matches and are used to promote friendly competition during the year.  The children also receive 'house points' for demonstrating the school's values in lessons and home learning.

The grande finale is the School Sports Day (and Athletics Competition) in July, after which the House Cup is awarded to the House with the most points over the year.

House Captains and Vice-Captains are elected each year from Year 6 and Year 5 respectively.  The current incumbents are:


Captains:  Matteo & Evie

Vice-Captains:  Lewis & Chloe


Captains:  Madi and Jake

Vice-Captains:  Kacie & Leo


Captains:  Macy & Mark

Vice-Captains:  Aizah & Michael


Captains:  Frankie & Callum

Vice-Captains:  Hayden & Evita

 House colours are:  Oak (Red), Elm (Blue), Beech (Yellow) and Ash (Green).