Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

Religious Education (RE) and Collective Acts of Worship

Religious Education in Crown Wood Primary School is predominantly to develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and the other principal religions, as stated in the Bracknell Forest Agreed Syllabus.   

The Education Reform Act (1988) and Education Act (1993) require schools to have a "daily act of collective worship" which should be:

  • "of a broadly Christian character [...] which reflects the broad traditions of Christian belief"
  • "not [...] be distinctive of any particular Christian denomination."

However, it is "open to a school to have acts of worship that are [also] broadly in the tradition of another religion."

Consequently, while most acts of collective worship in the school are Christian, we also celebrate and mark important festivals and dates of the other religions represented in the school.

We respect the fact that parents have their own beliefs and cultures and that they might wish to pursue the question of religious education in their own homes or places of worship.   With this in mind, all parents have the right to withdraw their child from formal R.E. lessons and collective worship if they so wish.   Please contact the Headteacher if you would like to discuss this issue.

Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)

At Crown Wood Primary School the aim of sex and relationship education is to ensure that children have adequate support through their physical, emotional and moral development.  It is hoped that they will learn to respect themselves and others and move confidently with knowledge and understanding through childhood and adolescence.  Parents are always informed when children receive education in sex and relationships in order that they may support this work at home.  However, parents have the right to withdraw their children from all or part of the lessons.

Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Education

At Crown Wood Primary School we aim to help young people develop a wide range of personal and social skills and give them information which will enable them to develop a positive attitude and prevent them becoming involved in substance misuse.  It is intended, that with greater knowledge and understanding, pupils will feel confident in making informed decisions and be able to resist peer pressure.