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Crown Wood
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Pupil Survey Results

During October 2019, children in Year 1-6 were asked to complete a survey.  There were 351 responses, which represents 77% of the school population.

Overall, we were encouraged by the results.  However, there were also areas we want to find out more and to take further action to improve.  The headlines from the survey are: 

  • 81% of children said they were always or mostly happy at school.
  • 90% of children said they felt safe always or mostly safe at school overall. However, 81% felt always or mostly safe on the playground.  This is an area we will continue to work on.
  • 81% of children said they would be always or mostly confident in approaching a member of staff if they felt unhappy or unsafe. We will investigate what would make a difference for the remaining 19%.
  • 83% said they were always looked after if unwell or injured, with another 16% saying this happened sometimes. This is an area we will continue to work on.
  • 55% say the school site (inside and outside) is always kept clean and safe, with another 34% saying it is mostly the case. We will investigate which areas of the school could be improved and take action.
  • 88% of children say they definitely know what bullying means and 88% say they know what to do or who to talk to if they or someone else was being bullied. Around 11% were not quite sure what to do.  We will regularly remind children about what bullying is and what to do if they are concerned about it.

The full survey results can be  seen here: