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Crown Wood
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School Meal Debt

As from 25th February 2019, Crown Wood Primary School will be adopting a strict NO DEBT policy relating to the provision of school meals. 

If debts are incurred, then the school budget has to pay for them. This means that money that should be spent on the children’s education is used to pay for debts incurred by some parents.  Crown Wood School is currently owed £1,500 for school meals.  I am sure you will agree that this is both unfair and unacceptable and we request that all parents give this policy their full support.

It is a parents’ responsibility to ensure that their child is provided with a meal at school:  either a packed lunch or a school meal.  Parents are responsible for ensuring school meals are paid for in advance.

The Trust cannot and will not permit any debts outstanding. Therefore, a policy is required to ensure school meal debts are kept to a minimum.  Our overall aim is that meals are paid for, whilst aiding parents / carers during financial difficulties and ensuring children still receive a meal at lunchtime.  The policy can be read here.

Parents / Carers who currently owe the school money must clear their debt as soon as possible and by Sunday 24th February 2019 at the latest.

If parents believe that their children may qualify for Free School Meals, they can contact the school office for an application form, call Bracknell Forest Council on 01344 352000 or visit:  This allowance is a statutory right and it is important that you use it if you qualify.  If there are other financial circumstances we should be aware of, however, you can contact our Pastoral Support Officer, Sandra Ruck, at in confidence.