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Crown Wood
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Social Media Safety

We have had an increasing number of concerns raised about children's use of social media.  The majority of these have been around children posting unkind messages to one another.  

Our School Council's Anti-Bullying Charter states, "Every child at our school has the right to be safe and happy.  They have the right to learn and play free from intimidation and fear, in school, in the community and on-line."

We encourage parents to know what their children are doing on-line and to ensure they are only using age appropriate apps.  You may wish to set up parental controls to limit the content your children can access.  For information on how to do this, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or follow this link:

You should talk to your children about their use of social media and agree ground rules.  The following link has some useful resources, including videos, to support you:

For more information about individual apps and some of their risks, please follow the following link:

Children regularly receive e-safety messages in assemblies and as part of PSHE and Computing lessons.  Children will also take part in workshops in June run by the NSPCC (more information to follow).

To further support parents, we are in the process of organising an e-safety workshop and will let you know the details in due course.