Crown Wood Primary

Crown Wood
Primary School

Parent & Pupil Voice

We regularly ask our parents and children how we are doing and what could be improved.  We encourage parents to comment on Parent View also.

We promote volunteerism within the school and support children who want to help their peers, whether it is as a School Councillor, Peer Mediator, Library Monitor, Sports Council Member or Eco Warrior.

A Peer Mediation scheme is in place. The children choose the pupils that they feel will make good mediators. Training on the use of appropriate strategies is then given before they are allowed to deal with disputes. They are easily identifiable and are asked to help solve disagreements that occur during playtimes and lunchtimes. The children will then feedback any concerns that they have to a member of staff.

From this page you can see the latest survey results and find out more about the School Council and other groups.

Parent View School Council Sports Council Survey Results