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How we Organise our Classes

Each year group, with the exception of the Nursery, has three classes of approximately 25-30 children.  Government legislation prevents any Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 class from exceeding 30 children.  

We do not 'stream' the children - the classes are all 'mixed ability'.

We mix the classes at the end of each year.  We do this to:

  • Ensure classes are of a similar size
  • Balance ability levels
  • Balance Special Educational Needs and behaviour
  • Achieve a good gender balance
  • Separate difficult combinations of children
  • Pair children with teachers and support staff they are more likely to get on with
  • Avoid ‘cliques’ and giving children the opportunity to make new friends every year
  • Develop life skills such as ‘cooperation’ and ‘collaboration’
  • Better equip children to cope well with secondary school (where they won’t always be with their friends either)
  • For some children, the chance to reinvent themselves

As you can imagine, it’s difficult to marry these competing demands when reorganising nearly 600 children into new classes and while we do take social groups into consideration, it would be impossible to meet every request for particular children to be together.   There will, however,  be plenty of opportunities, both social and learning related, for existing friends to play and work together even if they are not in the same class.