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The 10 Day Writing Journey

In Years 1-6, we use the '10 Day Writing Journey' to apprentice children into writing in different styles/genres/purposes.  This is a Trust wide approach to the teaching of writing developed by Green Wrthe Primary School in Sutton.

The 10 Day Writing Journey is a phased approach to writing which allows the children to be immersed in a) content knowledge, b) genre features and c) high quality examples.  Our curriculum mapping accounts for: teaching, rehearsal, forgetting, remembering and embedding within and across academic years.

Each unit will always focus on one of the 4 main purposes of writing, with an appropriate genre/task:

To entertain
narrative, poem, character/setting description, play script,

To persuade
speech, letter, advert, campaign

To inform
newspaper, report, recount, biography, essay

To discuss
balanced argument, newspaper, review

Further information can be found in the document folder below.

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